意译与直译意译是基本,直译是填补能意译就尽可能意译,不可以意译就采用直译1. Their accent couldn‘t fool a native speaker. A. 她们的…



1. Their accent couldn‘t fool a native speaker. A. 她们的话音不可以忽悠当地人B.当地人是不容易听不出来她们是外乡人的。


2. Smashing a mirror is no way to make an ugly person beautiful , nor is it a way to make social problems evaporate.直译:砸浴室镜子并不可以处理具体难题。


3.He felt a rush of fear churning his stomach.意译:他觉得一阵害怕涌上食欲直译:他觉得一阵害怕涌上心头

4. He bent solely upon profit. A. 他只屈身与盈利以前B.仅有盈利才使他低下头。


5. Would there be any possibility of having breakfast on the train before we are decanted in Munich ?



6. He had about as much chance of getting a job as of being chosen mayor of Chicago. A.他寻找工作中的机遇和入选纽约省长的机遇类似B.他寻找工作中的机遇真是跟入选纽约省长一样艰难。



1.The administration was free corruption. 这届政府沒有腐败问题

2. Wet paint. 油漆未干

3.I remained confused about the problem.这个问题我还是不懂

4. They are dependent on each other.她们谁也离不了谁

5. He is far from what I expected.他远并不是我想像的那般。

6. let bygones be bygones.既往不咎

7. As was expected, he passed the exam easily. 果略见一斑,他易如反掌地根据了考試

8.We will live up to what our Patty expects of us.大家决不会错过党对大家的期待。

9. I hate the lack of privacy in the dorrnitory.我讨厌寝室里沒有与人相处的机遇。

10. You evidently think otherwise.你显而易见有不一样的观点

11. He will die of hunger before he will steal. 他宁可饿死了,也不肯去偷。

12. That little bridge is anything but safe.那座桥一点也不安全性。

13. So far from taking my advice, he went and did just what I warned in ~ainit.他不仅不听我的劝诫,反倒去干了我警示他不必做的事儿。

14. He was more frightened than hurt. 他沒有受哪些伤,倒是受惊吓很大


15. Don‘t unstring your shoes.把鞋绳系住

16. Ml the teachers , without exception are to attend the meet Sunday. 全部的教师都需要参与星期五的大会。

17. She carne into the room without shoes on. 她赤脚走入了屋子。

18. The doctor lost no tune in getting the sick man to hospital.医师马上把患者送到医院门诊。

19. I have no doubt that you will succeed.我敢确信会取得成功。

20. It‘s no distance at all to the school , only a short walk. 从这到院校非常近,只必须很短一段路。


21.If he had kept his temper, the negotiations would probably have been a success.假如他抑制性子,交涉很有可能早已成功了。

22.Some people refrain from expressing their gratitude because they feel it will not be welcome. 有的人不愿意表述她们的感谢之情,由于感觉着有可能不火爆。

23. If you forward the transcripts yourself , they can be considered official only if the school envelope has remained sealed. 假如有效证件由申请者自己提交,则自己不可私自启封,不然有效证件将被视作失效。

24. We must never stop taking an optimistic view of life. 大家对日常生活要始终抱开朗的心态。

25. We strongly disapprove of the company‘ s new policy.大家明显抵制企业的新。

拆句英语单词拆译26.Incidentally , I suggest that you have the telephone moved to the sitting-room. 顺带说一句,我建议你将电話挪到卧室。

27.He had a disconcerting habit of expressing contradictory ideas in rapid succession.他有一个习惯性叫人吃不消,含意不断不确定,一会一个认为。

语句拆译28. Throughout his life , Benjamin Franklin continued his education, learning from human contacts as well as from books.本杰明。富兰克林全部一生都是在受文化教育,他不但从书籍中学习培训,并且也从和人相处中学习培训。

29. Energy can neither he created nor destroyed , a universally accepted law.动能即不可以造就也不可以解决,它是一条认可的规律性。

30. The meeting ended with protestations of friendship from everyone. 大会完毕,每个人表明彼此之间将和睦相处。

31. His failure to observe the safety regulations resulted in an accident to the machinery.由于他未能遵循安全性标准,设备出了常见故障。

32. His weak chest predisposes him to winter colds. 他的肺脏比较弱,冬季容易感冒。

33.He shook his head and his eyes were wide , then narowed in in-dignation.他摇了摆头,双眼睁的圆溜溜,然后有眯成一条线,脸部外露了恼怒的神色。


34. He had left a note of welcome for me, as sunny as his face.他留有一封段信,对于我表明热烈欢迎,那信写的热情洋溢,一如其人。

35. While I was waiting to enter university , I saw advertised in a local newspaper a teaching post at a school in a suburb of London about ten miles from where I lived. 当我们等待进高校期内,我还在一份地区报刊上见到一则广告宣传,说成在离我住所大概10公里的纽约某近郊区,有一定的院校要招骋一名老师。


36. Your presumption that I would want to share a flat with you is false. 你认为我能与你同住一套公寓楼,那么就不对 .

37.Researchers have established that when people are mentally en-gaged, biochemical changes occur in the brain that allow it to act more effectively in cognitive (认知能力的) areas such as attention and memory. 科学研究工作人员确认:大家在动脑子时,大脑会造成许多的转变,使大脑在专注力和记忆能力这类认知能力行业中更合理地主题活动

38. During the ice ages , human beings exposed to the colder temperatures of the time would often make their homes in caves. 在冰川世纪,大家遭遇那时候比较严寒的温度,经常在洞窟里安居。


39. It was extended and preserved in the 19th century , when our nation spread across the continent , saved the union, and abolished the awful scourge of slavery.在十九世纪,大家的我国跨过内地,解救了联邦政府,废止了可怕的奴隶社会的糟踏,这一信心才得到广为流传可拓展。

40.By January 16, just a month after the beginning of the offensive on which Hitler had staked his last reserves in men and guns and ammunition , the German forces were back to line from which they had set out.到1 月16日,二战德军又返回了她们当时进攻的前线,这正好是德国纳粹把他终的军力、火炮、子弹贮备孤注一掷、启动攻击的一个月以后。

41. Five score years ago, a great American , in whose symbolic shadow we stand by,signed the Emancipation Proclamation. 100 年以前,一位名人签定了《奴隶解放宣言》,今日,大家恰好是立在这名名人颇具寓意的雕象下聚会。


42. Can you answer a question which I want to ask and which is puzzling me?


43. He had cleared up those confusions which arose from different medicines that had the same name and from various names that had been given to the same substance. 药品名错乱,有的因为不一样药品同一名字所造成,而有的则因为同一药品不一样名字所导致,他对于此事一一作了回应。

44. One teacher writes that instead of drowning students‘ compositions in critical red ink , the teacher will get far more constructive results by finding one or two things which have been done better than last time, and commenting favorably on them.一位教师那样写到:如果我们能从作文评语中找到一两处比之前做的更强的地区,并明确提出夸奖性评价语,而不是用红墨水把学员的作文批改的一塌糊涂,大家就能从这当中的更颇具全局性的結果。

45. Ours is a profession which traditionally has been guided by a precept that transcends the virtue of uttering the truth for truth‘5 sake , and that is as far as possible do no harm. 大家的岗位传统式上格守一个使命,那便是尽量的不导致损害,这一使命胜于为讲真话而讲真话的传统美德。

46. The president said at a press conference dominated by questions on yesterday election results that he could not explain why the Republicans had suffered such a widespread defeat,which in the end would deprive the Republican Patty of Tong-held superiority in the House.在一次记者会上,难题集中化于昨日的选举结果,美国总统从此发过言。他说道他匪夷所思为什么美国民主党遭受这般大的不成功。这类状况后使美国民主党在参众两院中失去长期性具有的优点。


47.Literature offers us the knowledge of the long life which phobia have had in mankind.参考文献使我们掌握到,恐惧在人们中具备悠长的历史时间。

48.What is good , I suppose, is that many people a“e concerned about TV‘ s influence and that we have the power to change what we don’ t like. 我觉得,好在有很多人 关注电视机的危害,而大家也是有工作能力更改大家所不喜欢的东西。

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