UNIT 1GLOSSARYbehavior n. way of acting 行为bound v. leap 跳跃cage n. a place where birds or a…



behavior n. way of acting 行为

bound v. leap 跳跃

cage n. a place where birds or animals are kept 笼子

camera n. an instrument to take pictures 照相机

companion n. a person or animal that spends time with another 同伴,伙伴

compatible a. suitable 适合的

cover vt. travel a certain distance 行过(路程)

criminal n. a man who has broken the law 罪犯,犯人

deliver v. hand over 传递

disturbance n. things that distract one‘s mind 打扰,干扰

entertaining a. amusing 有趣的

escape v. avoid 逃脱,避免

factor n. a particular side 方面

fasten v. fix firmly 扎牢,系牢

hind a. of a back part 后面的,在后的

instinct n. tendency without training 天性

intelligence n. ability to learn and understand 智力

jungle n. a tropical forest too thick to walk through easily 丛林

odor n. smell 气味

particularly ad. especially 尤其

perform v. do 从事,做

photograph v. take pictures (为……)拍照

physical a. of a concerning the body 身体的

popular a. well liked 受欢迎的

property n. things that are owned 财产

retrieve v. bring back 取回,带回

spring vi. jump suddenly from the ground 跳跃

temperamental a. of nature 性情的

track (down) v. find after search 追踪,追捕

traffic n. the movement of people or cars, trucks, etc 交通

trail n. path across rough country 小道,路径

unexpected a. never thought to happen 想不到的

utilize v. make use of 利用

circus n. 马戏团



advantageous a. profitable, helpful 有利的,有帮助的

breathtaking a. very unusual and astonishing 惊奇的,令人吃惊的

bulk n. great quantity 大批,大量

decent a. right and suitable 适当的

equivalent n. sth. that is equal to sth. else in value amount, etc. 等值物,相等物

extort v. obtain by force or threats 敲诈,勒索

extravagant a. uncontrolled 放肆的,越轨的

fade v. decrease 消失,衰弱

greedy a. filled with strong desire for sth. 贪婪的

impertinence n. rudeness or being not respectful 不礼貌,傲慢,鲁莽

loo n. water-closet 洗手间,厕所

market v. send to market for sale (在市场上)销售

novelty n. newness, strangeness 新颖,新奇

orthodox a. generally accepted or approved 正统的,传统的,习俗的

outrage v. offend greatly 伤害,凌辱

pengo n. 辩戈(匈牙利从前的货币单位,1941年为福林所代替)

pensioner n. a person who is receiving money paid by a government because of old age or illness 领取抚恤金(或养老金等)者

plead v. admit; declare in official language that one is ( in a state of) 承认,申明

resist v. force oneself not to accept 抵制,抗拒

roller-skate v. skate with small wheels for use on a smooth surface 穿四轮滑冰鞋滑冰

sane a. healthy in mind 心智健全的,神志正常的

sticky a. tending to stick to what is touched 粘性的,胶粘的

tastily ad. pleasingly to the taste 美味的,可口地

tremendous a. very great, enormous 极大的,巨大的

trifle n. a thing of little value or importance 小事,琐事

utterly ad. completely 完全地,彻底地

vaguely ad. not clearly felt or understood 含糊的,模糊的,不明确的



accident n. sth. esp. sth. unpleasant, undesirable or damaging, that happens unexpectedly or by chance 意外的事;事故

circulate v. move or flow along a closed path 循环;环流

clump v. gather into or form a mass 丛生;成群

concentration n. the measure of the amount of a substance contained in a liquid 浓度

condition n. the state of general health or fitness 状况,状态

consequence n. sth. that follows from an action or condition; result 结果,后果

determine v. decide; find out (the exact facts) 决定,确定

donate v. make a gift of (sth.) esp. for a good purpose 捐赠,赠送

donor n. 损赠者;捐血者(blood~)

gobble n. eat quickly, and sometimes noisily 狼吞虎咽

infect v. put disease into the body of (sb.) 传染;感染

invade v. attack and spread into so as to take control of 侵入;侵袭

laboratory n. a building or room in which a scientist works, with apparatus for the examination and testing of materials 实验室;研究室

microscope n. an instrument with lenses for making very small objects seem larger 显微镜

mixture n. a set of substances mixed together, which keep their separate qualities while combined in one mass 混合物;混合剂

release v. set free; allow to come out 释放;放出

response n. an action done in answer 响应;反应

sensitive a. quick to show or feel the effect of a force or of the presence of sth. 敏感的

separate v. set or move apart 分离,分开

soar v. go upward, esp. far of fast 高涨;猛增

stab v. strike forcefully into with sth. pointed, esp. with a weapon to wound 刺入

substance n. material; a type of matter 物质

technician n. a highly skilled scientific or industrial worker; specialist in the practical details of a subject 技术员;技师;技术专家

transfuse v. put (the blood of one person) into the body of another 输(血)

variety n. difference of condition or quality 多样化;变化

anti-A antibody 抗A抗体

antibody n.抗体

antigen n.抗原

serum n.血清

small intestine 小肠

subtype n. 分型




acknowledge v. show that one recognizes someone else 对(人)打招呼

appreciation n. grateful feelings 感谢

appreciative a. thankful, grateful 感谢的,感激的

betray v. make sth. known 泄露

casually ad. with little attention or responsibility 漫不经心地

cliche n. an out-dated idea or expression 陈腐思想;陈词滥调

counter n. a table where people are served in a shop,bank, etc. 柜台

demanding a. requiring 要求高的

effective a. having noticeable effect 有效的

focus on direct one‘s attention to 注视

go about begin to work at 着手

greet v. welcome sb. with words or actions 欢迎;问候

identify v. see clearly; prove sth. true 看清楚;鉴定

impression n. what is left in one‘s mind after seeing sb. or sth. 印象

inattentiveness n. giving no attention 漫不经心

inspanidual a. suitable for each person only 个人的,个体的

inflection n. change of voice in level 音变

intuitively ad. directly 直觉地,本能地

memorable a. worth remembering 值得纪念的;难忘的

preoccupied a. inattentive; with the mind fixed on sth. else 出神的;一心想着别的

product n. sth. produced in a factory or on a farm 产品,产物

rapport n. friendly relationship 友好关系

receptionist n. a person who receives customers, visitors, patients, etc. 接待员

response n. answer 回答

retail v. sell goods to the general public 零售

strengthen v. make sth. strong or stronger 加强

subtle a. delicate, hardly noticeable 微妙的;难以觉察的

vehicle n. a machine that carries people or things from place to place 运输工具;车辆

veiled a. hidden; masked 隐藏的;遮掩的

verbally ad. in spoken words 口头地

virtually ad. almost, very nearly 几乎,简直

dental a. 牙齿的

mileage n. 英里数;里程

telemarketing n. 电讯直销

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