UNIT 5 LIFE ON OTHER PLANETS? OF COURSE!GLOSSARYabsorb v. take in or suck in 吸收atmosphere …



absorb v. take in or suck in 吸收

atmosphere n. the mixed gases that surrounds any heavenly body 大气,大气层

celestial a. of or belonging to the sky or heaven 天的,天空的

collaborate v. work together of with someone else 合作,协作

colonize v. make a group of people from the same country or the same religion live together in another place or country 移(民)于殖民地

communicate v. share of exchange opinions, news, information (意见等的)交换,交流

conceal v. hide; keep from being seen or known 隐藏,隐瞒

dim a. not bright 不明亮的

emission n. the act of sending out (esp. heat, light, smell, sound) 散发,发射

explore v. travel into or through (a space for the purpose of discovery) 勘探,探险

homogeneity n. parts of the same kind 同种;同质

imagine v. form ( a picture or idea) in the mind 想象;设想

inhabit v. live in 居住于;栖息于

intelligence n. mental ability 智力;才智

loft v. make high into the air 把…向高处发射

observation n. action of noticing or watching 注意;观察

opinion n. idea 意见;看法

permit v. allow 允许;许可

phenomenon n. a fact or event in nature as it appears or is experienced by the senses, esp. one that is unusual and/or of scientific interest 现象

precise a. exact in form, detail, measurements, time, etc. 精确的,准确的

probe n. an apparatus sent into the sky to examine condition in outer space 探测器;探测飞船

revolutionize . cause a complete change 彻底变革

rig n. a piece of apparatus (for a special purpose) 钻探设备(平台);装备;设备

satellite n. a heavenly body moving around a larger one 卫星

slightly ad. a bit; not greatly 稍微,一点儿

solar a. of, from, or concerning the sun 太阳的,来自太阳的,与太阳有关的

space n. where other heavenly bodies move 空间,太空

telescope n. a tubelike scientific instrument used for seeing distant objects by making them appear nearer and larger 望远镜

vessel n. a ship or large boat 船

comet n. 彗星

extraterrestrial a. 地球大气圈外的

galaxy n. 星系;(G-)银河(系)

luminescence n. 发光

Mars n. 火星

molecule n. 分子

Neptune n. 海王星

orbit n. (天体)运行轨道

planet n. 行星

rendezvous n.宇宙飞船汇合点

Venus n. 金星



assailant n. attacker 攻击者

be-leathered a. wearing a leather jacket or suit; dressed in leather 穿皮衣服的

brisk a. quick and active 轻快的,活跃的

catch up v. bring or come up to date; come up from behind 赶上

coercion n. using force or threats of punishment 压制,高压统治

con n. trick 骗局

confide vt. tell a secret to sb. 吐露(秘密等)

courteously a. politely, kindly 有礼貌的

critic n. a person who forms and gives judgements, esp. for art, music, etc. 批评家,评论家

dole out vt. give in small quantities 少量地发放(救济品)embarrassment n. feeling of shame 窘迫

expletive n. meaningless words used for swearing, to express violent feelings 赌咒语

groggily ad. weakly; unsteadily 虚弱地;脚步踉跄地

jostle vt. knock or push against 挤,推

lurch vi. move with irregular and sudden movements 蹒跚,东倒西歪地向前

overdone a. cooked too much 煮得太久的

particular n. detail 细节

philanthropic a. kind and helpful 慈善的

profusely ad. plentifully; abundantly 极其丰富的,充沛的;过多的

relentless a. without pity 无情的,不仁慈的

respective a. of or for each one; particular and separate 各个的,分别的

review n. an article giving judgments on new books, plays, and public events 评论(文章),综述

scrabble v. move wildly and quickly 挣扎

scruffy a. dirty and untidy 褴褛的,不整洁的

sozzled a. drunk 烂醉的

stew vt. cook slowly and gently in liquid in a closed vessel 煨,炖

stocky a. thick, short and strong 矮胖的,粗壮的

sturdy a. strong and firm, esp. in body 强健的,茁壮的

thrash v. move wildly or violently about 猛烈摆动,颠簸

thrust v. push forcefully and suddenly 刺,戳

trio n. any group of 3 people or things 三重奏,三件套,三人一组

tuck v. draw together into a small place; put into a desired or convenient position 折拢;塞

twilight n. the time when day is just starting to become night; the faint darkish light in the sky during this time 黄昏,暮色

unshaven a. not shaved 不剃须的

venom n. great hatred; liquid poison which certain snakes, insects, etc. use in biting or stinging 恶意;(毒蛇等的)毒液

whereupon ad. immediately after that 因此,于是

Adam‘s apple 喉结



adapt vt. change so as to be suitable for 使适应,使适合

background n. the scenery of ground behind sth. 背景

blend vt. (cause to) mix 混合;把…混为一体

camouflage n. a way of using colouring or shape which makes it difficult to see or find sth. 伪装;掩饰

consist of be made up of 由…构成;由…组成

contrast vt. compare so that differences are made clear 对照;比较

creature n. a living animal 生物;动物

deform vt. spoil the form of; spoil the appearance of 损坏…的形状;使变丑

evolve vi. develop gradually 进展;进化

evolutionary a. 发展的;进化的

extinct a. no longer in existence 灭绝的;绝种的

grime n. a surface of thick black dirt (表面上的)积垢

hypothesis n. idea which is thought suitable to explain the facts about sth. 假设;前提

investigate v. make a careful study of 调查研究;调查

mutation n. change in the cells of a living thing (细胞的)变异

mystery n. sth. that can not be explained or understood 神秘的事物;不可思议的事物

opposite a. contrary or entirely different 相反的;对立的

predator n. animal living by killing and eating other animals 捕食者;捕食其它动物者

prey v. take or hunt as food 捕猎

n. an animal that is hunted and eaten by another animal 被捕食者

recapture v. take or make prisoner again 重获;夺回

reject v. refuse to accept 拒绝;抵制

release v. set free 释放;解放

reproduce v. bring forth as offspring; produce the young of 繁殖;生殖

soot n. black power left by smoke on surface 煤烟;烟灰

suppose v. let it be thought that 猜想;想象

survival n. the fact or likelihood of surviving 幸存;残存;存活

survive v. continue to live, esp. after coming close to death 幸存;活下来

trunk n. the main stem of a tree 树干

vice versa the other way round 反过来

visible a. that can be seen 看得见的,可见的

chameleon n. 变色晰蜴;变色龙

chromosome n. 染色体

gene n. 基因

genetic a. 基因的;遗传学的

percentage n.百分比



achievement n. sth. successfully finished or gained, esp. through skill and hard work 完成,成就

advance n. development or improvement; forward movement 前进,进展

attach vt. fix; fasten; join 缚,系

carving n. making by cutting 雕刻

count vt. tell or find the total number of 数数,计算

distract v. draw sb.‘s attention away from sth. 使(人)分心

distribute v. give out or deliver; spanide among several or many 分发,分配

fraction n. a very small piece or amount 碎片,小部分

gather v. obtain bit by bit 收集

imitate v. take as an example; make a likeness of 模仿

industrialize vt. cause to become industrially developed 使工业化

keep track of keep oneself informed about a person, state of affairs, etc. 使自己了解情况

manipulation n. handling; controlling 操纵,应付,处理

originality n. the quality of being of a new type or different from others of the same type 独创性,创造力processing n. putting facts, numbers, etc. into computer for examination (输入计算机)处理regardless of without worrying about; careless about 不管,无论如何

register v. show or record; put into an official list or record 登记,注册

sufficiently ad. enough 足够地

survey v. examine the general condition of审视,概括地观察

tremendous a. very great in size, amount, or degree 极大的

troublesome a. causing trouble or anxiety; annoying 令人烦恼的,讨厌的

analog n. 类似物

carrier pigeon 信鸽

digital a. 数字的

electronic a. 电子的

equation n. 等式

graph n. (曲线)图;图表

hieroglyphic n. 象形文字

lever n. 杆;杠杆

microscope n. 显微镜

pulley n. 滑轮

tablet n. 书板(古代用木、石等制成的平板,供写刻文字用)

telescope n. 望远镜

turnstile n. (入口处等的)旋转式栅门;绕杆

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