advocate v. speak in favor of (an idea or plan) 拥护;提倡

auditorium n. a hall where people sit when listening to or watching a performance 礼堂;讲堂

context n. the setting of a word, phrase, etc. 上下文

dismiss v. treat as not serious; put away 不予考虑

essence n. the most important quality of a thing 精粹;本质

foremost a. most important 重要的

giggle v. laugh repeatedly in an uncontrolled manner esp. by young girls 咯咯地笑

hook v. attract, catch as if with a hook 引(人)上钩;欺骗

hug v. hold (someone) tightly in the arm 紧抱;紧紧拥抱

hunch n. idea based on feeling 预感

illustrate v. explain 说明;阐明

lament v. express sorrow for 悲痛;伤心

nourish v. cause to stay alive or grow by giving food, etc 养育;施肥于;供给营养

nuance n. a slight delicate quality or difference in meaning, etc. 细微差别

nurture v. give care to, educate 养育;培育

phenomenal a. very unusual 非凡的;出众的

proficiency n. being thoroughly skilled, well practiced 熟练;精通

promote v. bring to public notice in order to increase (sales, fame, etc) 宣传;推销(商品等)

sheepishly ad. uncomfortably from being fearful of others 局促不安地;恐惧不安地

spot v. pick out with the eye; recognize 认出;发现

stake n. interest; something that may be gained or lost 利益;利害关系;赌注

stimulate v. increase in activity; excite the body or mind 促进;激发;刺激

subscribe v. pay regularly to receive a magazine, etc. 订阅;预订

voracious a. showing a limitless eagerness for sth. 贪婪的;贪得无厌的

syndrome n. (医)综合病症(表现为身体或脑部的紊乱)

parenting n. 父母对待子女般的照顾(指要像父母对待子女那样照顾某人)



aquamarine n. bluish green 蓝绿色

biannual a. every two years 一年两次的

brash a. hasty and too bold 轻率的;鲁莽的

calculate v. plan or design 计划,打算

colourwise ad. in connection with colour 与颜色有关地

compromise n. act of settling an argument by taking a middle course acceptable to all sides 妥协,和解

coordinate v. work together, esp. to increase effectiveness 协作;协调

denim n. jeans 工装裤;牛仔裤

spanersity n. variety 多样性

docile a. easily trained or controlled 容易驯服的;驯顺的,驯良的

ecru n. a pale dull yellowish brown 淡褐色

eye-dazzling a. making unable to see clearly because of too much light or brilliance, etc. 令人眼花缭乱的

femininity n. quality of being suitable for women 女子的气质,女人气

garishly ad. over-colouredly 花花绿绿地;过于花哨地

intangible a. that cannot be touched or grasped 触摸不到的;不可捉摸的

intensity n. strength or depth (of feeling, colour, etc.) 强度;深度

interior n. the inside of a building 内部

pastel n. soft, light, delicate shades of colour 彩色蜡笔

profusion n. abundance, great supply 丰富;大量

prompt v. help to bring ;cause or urge to do sth. 有助于;促使

reorientate v. give different direction or guidance to 再定方向;转而导向

ruby n. red jewel 红宝石

sans prep. without 无,没有

savannah n. treeless, grassy plain in tropical and subtropical America and East and West Africa (美洲及东非,西非的热带、亚热带)无树平原

sceptical a. unwilling to believe; doubtful 不愿相信的;怀疑的

secretariat n. office of the Secretary-General of a large organization 秘书处

shade n. degree or depth of colour (色彩的)浓淡

sizzling a. making a hissing sound as if water falling on hot metal 发出咝咝声的

sophisticated a. having or showing a knowledge of social life and behaviour 老于世故的;老练的,非常有的

speculate v. think (about a matter ) without facts that would lead to firm result 推测

subtlety n. the quality of being difficult to perceive or describe 微妙,精巧

succession n. the coming of one thing after another in time or order 连续,接续

surge n. forward movement like powerful waves 汹涌,澎湃

turquoise n. greenish blue precious stone 绿松石

tutelage n. guardianship 守护,保护

unwary a. uncautious 粗心大意的;不警惕的

vermilion n. bright red 朱红色

vibrancy n. thrilling, vibrating 活跃;振动

yuppie n. any of those young professionals of 1960‘s variously regarded as upscale, ambitious, materialistic, etc. 城市职业阶层中的年轻人士,雅皮士

zeitigeist n. the spirit of times 时代精神,时代思潮

Aegean a. 爱琴海的

Day-Glo a. 狄格洛加色剂的

neon n. 氖

palette n. 调色板

psychedelic a. 引起幻觉的

pumpkin n. 南瓜;南瓜色

textile n. 纺织品;纺织原料textiles 纺织业

yarn n. 纱,线,毛线



awash a. washed over by the waves 被浪潮冲打的

cleanse v. make clean 使清洁

cluster v. form a close group 使成群;群集;丛生

cope v. manage successfully 妥善处理

destination n. place to which sb. or sth. is going or is being sent 目的地

detergent n. a chemical product used for cleaning clothing, dishes, etc. 清洁剂

effluent n. liquid waste 流出物;液体废物

endemic a. (of a disease) found regularly in a particular place (疾病等)地方性的

filth disgusting dirt 污物

flush v. flow suddenly and freely 奔流;涌

foul v. make dirty or impure  弄脏;污染

gravely ad. seriously 严肃地

hazard n. danger 危险

infect v. give a disease to, contaminate 感染

inhabit v. live in 居住于

landlocked a. almost or entirely surrounded by land 被陆地围住的

lurk . exist unseen; wait in hiding 潜伏

nourish v. keep alive and well with food to, train, educate, or develop 养育;培养;教养

outbreak n. sudden occurrence 爆发

overestimate v. have too high an opinion of the degree or number of 过高估计

periodic a. happening repeatedly at regular times 间歇的;定期的

pollute v. make dirty 污染

popular a. favoured by many people 大众喜爱的

remorseless a. feeling or showing no sorrow for doing wrong 不懊悔的

seductive a. attractive, seemingly enticing 有吸引力的;富有魅力的

sewage n. the waste material and water carried in sewers (阴沟里的)污物

slime n. soft, nasty, thick, sticky mud 软泥;粘泥

sluice v. send a stream of water over 奔流;奔泻

stifle v. prevent from happening or continuing 抑制;镇压

cholera  n.霍乱

dysentery n. 痢疾

lagoon n. 环礁湖;咸水湖

paratyphoid n. 副伤寒

pesticide n. 杀虫剂

plankton n. 浮游生物

polio n. 脊髓灰质炎;小儿麻痹症

shellfish n. 水生贝类动物

typhoid n.伤害

viral hepatitis 病毒性肝炎

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